A young man named William Yardley acquires concession rights from King Charles 1st to manufacture and sell Lavender soaps for the city of London. The Great Fire of London 1666 destroys all particulars of the enterprise except the one important detail that Lavender was used to perfume the Yardley soaps. Almost 390 years later, to the current date English Lavender has stayed synonymous with Yardley London.


The soap and perfumery business now known as Yardley London, is re established in the city of london by


Yardley launches its signature scent of English Lavender, which continues to be the most preferred fragrance accessory of women across the world
since the last
240 years.


Yardley opens its Gregorian style flagship store at 8 New Bond Street, London. The store becomes a London landmark.


Yardley uses advertising and publicity techniques way ahead of its time. It adopts Francis Wheatley’s Flower –Sellers Group painting as its trademark. The painting is one of the rare 14 known as ‘Cries of London’. Yardley makes porcelain versions of the flower seller which have become collectibles today.


Yardley receives its first royal warrant and is appointed as perfumers and fine soap makers to HRH The Prince of Wales .


Yardley opens its Gregorian style flagship store at 8 New Bond Street, London. The store becomes a London landmark.


Recocapey, the famous designer from the period is commissioned to create contemporary packaging for the brand reflecting the new informality of the art deco era. Capey creates stylishly-designed cosmetic containers, with their flower and honeybee motifs, and the packaging makes the brand’s products unique in the 1930s.


John H Seager is commissioned to scour the globe for the most sought after varieties of Lavender,Which leads to the discovery of Lavandula Augustifolia.This unique species is still grown in England today and forms the basis of our signature range.


A beauty salon is opened on Old Bond Street. Introduces women to
English Complexion Powder


Yardley is awarded
3 royal warrants

Purveryor of soap to HM King George VI, Manufacturers of soap to HM Queen Elizabeth II and Perfumers and manufacturers to HM Queen Elizabeth , The Queen Mother


creates the signature
“London Look” of the 60’s
characteristic of pale matt finish makeup with heavy focus on the eyes.
Twiggy – the reigning model of the moment, fronts Yardley’s advertising campaign.


Yardley rolls out the

Capturing attention as one of the original faces of Yardley, the beautiful model of her time Jean Shrimpton fronts Yardley’s advertising campaign and makes Yardley a name that brings the charm of London to young girls across the globe.


With renewed focus on men’s
range The House of Yardley sponsors BRM team of
Formula 1 Grand Prix

covering the car’s in white, black, brown and gold ‘Y’s
reflecting the Yardley’s range of men’s toiletries.


Wipro Consumer Care and lighting acquires premium personal carebusiness of Yardley in India and Middle East.


A leading Indian actress as its brand ambassadorYardley enters men’s segment
with the launch of Gentleman


Range of EDT’s launched for men and women.

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